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Alcohol De-addiction

Alcohol Dependence is an overwhelming desire to drink alcohol and the developing of withdrawal symptoms upon stopping.

A Person needs help if found with following:

  • Need to drink alcohol everyday
  • Strong desire to drink
  • Drink alcohol often
  • Drink early first thing in the morning
  • Spending time in activities where alcohol is available
  • Neglect other interest or pleasure because of Alcohol
  • Need to drink more alcohol to get the same feeling

Intriguing facts

  • I can stop if I want to, I can cope, I can stop at any time are signs of denial
  • Earlier the help, lesser the damage and better the recovery
  • In 85% of the domestic violence cases, the husbands were alcoholic
  • Many harmful drinkers are not dependant and they can stop if they want to with counseling and help
  • 10 to 15% of people who drink alcohol develop dependence
  • 20 % of absenteeism and 40 % of accidents are happening due to Alcohol

Treatment Options for Alcohol De-addiction are:

One week In-patient Program for Detox

21 days Detox Program

Two months of Detox, De-addiction and Relapse prevention

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