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Admission at MIND ZONE is a simple procedure overseen by the mental health professionals.

Pre Admission General Queries

  • You can contact help line number to gather information
  • You can send in a quick query and you will receive reply within 24 Hours
  • You can plan to visit Mind Zone on any weekdays including Saturdays and General holidays between 10.00 A.M to 8. 00 P.M to personally discuss and see the hospital
Who can get admission

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Types of Admission

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Admission Procedure

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  • Person who has an issue with alcohol abuse or Drug use
  • Alcohol and Drug related violence and aggression
  • Alcohol and Drug related withdrawal symptoms
  • Alcohol and Drug related Psychiatric problems
  • Psychiatric and Behavioral issues secondary to Severe Head Injuries
  • Serious depressive episode with psychotic symptoms
  • Suicidal behavior or suicidal attempts
  • Person who indulges in self injurious behavior
  • Person who refuse Psychiatric treatments or medications
  • Patient non-cooperation to seek professional help when it is a necessary for mental well being
  • Patient being a threat to him/herself or others.
  • Person who has erratic or abnormal behavior
  • Person who excessively indulges in gambling, gaming, online gambling & gaming, addiction to electronic gadgets and social media.
  • Person who is refusing to attend college, refusing job and amotivated in life
  • Person who has excessive suspiciousness / Fear / Sad and Anger
  • Person who has disorganized thoughts and perceptions (severe distortion from reality)
  • Sleep related issues (Insomnia and Excessive sleep)


Regular Admission

Patient can get into regular admission on any day when their behavior is uncontrollable or when he needs supervised Psychiatric care, when they find difficulty in controlling or stopping alcohol or drugs intake.  Patient can also enroll for intensive psychological intervention under the supervised and structured environment.

Admission under special circumstances

Family members or relatives can contact Mind Zone helpline number for emergency care. Patient who throws violent behavior and abnormal behavior related to substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms can get admission 24/7.

The law enforcement agency can also contact mind zone for any psychiatric emergencies like suicidal attempts, violent behavior, abnormal behavior and erratic behavior due to substance abuse.

Referred Admission

Mind Zone is a referral centre and many psychiatrists utilize our services for their clients. In cases where the patient is referred from a psychiatrist for psycho social interventions the referring psychiatrist also becomes part of the treating team and he/she will be regularly updated about the progress.


  • Financial expenses involved in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and care is dependent on various factors like the type of accommodations selected, duration of the program, severity of the problem like the dependency for Activities of Daily Living for which support of a caretaker is needed and also the medications prescribed.
  • Modes of payment could be either through Debit Card/ Net Transfers / Cash Transactions / Cheque / DD

Step by step Admission guide

  1. Admission Counseling
  2. Selection of type of Accommodations
    •    General Ward
    •   Non Air Conditioned Room with Attached toilet and other amenities
    •   Air Conditioned Room with attached toilet and other amenities
  3. Formalities for Admission
  4. Consultation with Professionals